July 23, 2018

Many people keep questioning the existence of unicorn. Is it real animal that have existed on Earth, or just a product of human imagination? Let’s take a look at unicorn real facts science, history, art and literature have provided us to discover the truth we all want to know.

Unicorn Real Facts 1: It’s Real! But Science Can’t Prove Its Existence and We’ve Never Really Seen Them?

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It is believed unicorn has the magical power that can make themselves and other creatures that they want to protect invisible to human, especially the ill-intentioned ones. Only virgins with purest hearts can easily see and capture unicorns. For now, science is not yet able to give us unicorn real facts with scientific proofs or thoroughly understand the magical ability and mysterious existence of unicorn. Their characteristics, life habits, food and life span are still open questions with no definite answers yet. Hope with the explosive progress of science and technology, we can get more hints about this legendary creature someday. However, for now we already have countless proofs of unicorn existence on historical record and literature. These accounts have accurate details about unicorn sightings.

Unicorn Real Facts 2: Unicorn Sightings in History Record

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There have been tons of accounts of real unicorn sightings from earliest records of humanity. People found unicorn real facts in everywhere around the globe, from East to West. The depiction of unicorns varies across different cultures. Yet, the acknowledge of their existence has proved the love and respect to this magical creature around the world. Not only in history record, unicorn also appeared in one of oldest paintings people have ever found, the Lascaux grotto. These accounts consider unicorn as a real life animal. It shares the same earth with other animals and human. Hence the unicorn is not a mythical one like most people nowadays think. The huge number of records over a thousand years is prominent and reliable reasoning in discussion over unicorn’s existence.

Unicorn Real Facts 3: Trading of Unicorn Horn In The Past

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According to historical records, the unicorn commerce developed explosively throughout several centuries in the Middle Ages. They were considered high-class products and were traded for a lot of money. That’s why the people involved in the business were mostly upper-class. They are well-educated and wealthy people with real interest and knowledge of unicorn horns. Most likely, they must check for the reality and authenticity of the products before making any deal. That speaks for the reliability of unicorn horn trading records during Middle Ages.

There are also records of unicorn hunting techniques during those days. People at that time already knew this elusive creature would only submit to pure-hearted virgins. Therefore they often used a virgin as bait to lure unicorns to reveal themselves. Among all unicorn features, unicorn horns were the most sought-out luxurious merchandise. The reason is its magical power of purifying water and resolving all poisons.

Unicorn Real Facts 4: Real Unicorns Were Getting Extinct?

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Unicorn scholars have believed the extinction is the reason for the lack of unicorn sightings in modern days. Why did they get extinct? The first explanation is the aggressive hunting of unicorns during Middle Ages days. The greed and desire of human either have killed most of the unicorns, or driven them away to the deep forests. As they gradually disappeared, the act of unicorn hunting became less and less successful until being stopped. The technique and secret of unicorn hunting hence died with them too.

Another explanation is how there’s no more pure virgins that can actually lure the unicorn out of their zone. As time passed, our environment got polluted, our mind got buried by social issues and misinformation. Those things are what build up our soul and body. We hence become far and far away from the exceptional purity that unicorns look for. No one can see or capture any of them anymore.

The above reasons can explain why we don’t see unicorns anymore. However, they can’t prove unicorns all disappear on Earth. Human nowadays never see a unicorn doesn’t mean they no longer exist. By the day we get more reliable proof of its existence (or non-existence), it doesn’t hurt to keep trusting and believing. Provided unicorns always live in our heart, their ethereal power and beauty can lead us to ultimate happiness and kindness in this world.

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